Cultivated assortment:

Jedle kavkazská

Nordmann Fir – Abies nordmanniana

In Europe this is, together with the blue spruce, among the best-selling Christmas trees. The needles are a shiny dark green on the underside. This fir has very regular growth and it has therefore become the symbol of the Christmas tree for many people.

smrk pichlavý

Blue Spruce – Picea pungens

This tree has its origins in the Rocky Mountains of North America. It exists in several varieties from dark green to silver. The needles are very sharp, but it retains its fresh appearance for a long time and the needles do not drop much.

smrk ztepilý

Norway Spruce – Picea abies

The traditional Christmas tree. Because of its low price and simple beauty it is popular in many households. One of its greatest disadvantages is that the needles soon begin to drop off in permanently heated rooms. The advantage, on the other hand, is the low price.

borovice černá

Black Pine – Pinus nigra

This has thicker and longer needles, and a stronger and broader crown than the forest pine. This tree is highly decorative and usually of a deep dark green.