About Us

Our company has been dealing for several years now with the cultivation and sale of Christmas trees. We own extensive plantations in the south of Bohemia where we place the main emphasis on the quality of the material cultivated. We also export a significant part of our production to other EU countries.

We are active members of national and international professional associations and organizations.


Center – plantations:
BAOBAB – vánoční stromky s.r.o.
Palupín 1,  378 53 Strmilov

Baobab - plantáže


Plantation operations: Ing. Jan Pittauer
mobil: +420 603 173 225, email: pittauer@baobab.cz
Wholesale: Ing. David Sokol
mobil: +420 603 256 312, email: sokol@baobab.cz


Registered office:

BAOBAB – vánoční stromky s.r.o.
Alšova 5/3
252 62 Únětice
IČ: 26302926
VAT: CZ 26302926